Introduction of CLDAA 美國加州排舞協會簡介




With great passion in the art of dancing, Kico Lin has been teaching Jazz dance and practising with a group of students in San Jose for over 25 years.   This original Jazz dance group followed Kico Lin, has participated in many activities and celebrations for major organizations around the Bay Area, through their beautiful performance. The dance group also performed for many charitable events.

In the year 2001, Kico Lin accepted the invitation from Mr. Peng, the president of Taipei International Line Dance Association, becoming the honor head coach of the association, and teaching the seed coaches new line dances.  Along with Taipei International Line Dance Association, on October 18, 2003, Kico Lin was one of the leaders in gathering 6875 individuals in Taipei Tianmu Sports Park, performing line dance for 13 minutes, and breaking 2003 Guinness Book of World Records for the greatest number of line dancers in one venue.   With increasing popularity of line dancing, Kico Lin established California Line Dance Association of America (CLDAA) in the year 2004.  CLDAA was officially recognized by the Federal and State Entities as 501C-3 non-profit organization in April 2004.  During these 10 years, CLDAA has been aggressively promoting line dancing, a healthy sport that fits all ages.

To date, CLDAA has established line dancing classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, on weeknights and weekends, for the ease and convenience of its members. CLDAA believes that line dancing is a fun and easy way to exercise, as there is no need for a partner and is appropriate for all ages. CLDAA board members, whom are all dance teachers and avid students, serve the community with passion through action. Our slogan:

“Dance for Health, Dance for Happiness and Dance for a Colorful Life. Please visit our website,