Through the art of line dancing, CLDAA is promoting exercise, health and enjoyment for people of all ages.

This event would allow us to share with you the results of our one ear hard work. You will see the recitals from each location. For the past years we had opened 20 locations providing 22 classes a week. And, we are not only teaching the line dance, we are performing for many Charity functions such as CCSC, TACC, Senior Center and International Dance Festival, Moon Festival, Students Alumni Association and so on…. The purpose of our organization is to create a method which is to lead people to a healthier and happier life through the line dance and it is called “Preventive medicine”.
For coming to the event you all will feel and experience each word of our slogan which is Dance for health, Dance for Happiness and Dance for a colorful life. We would like to take this opportunity to show our deepest gratitude to our donors, without their passion, love, encouragement and generous monetary contribution we would not be able to reach our goal to serve this society. We would like to ask for their continuing support for this wonderful organization-California Line Dance Association of America