kico1To our Diamond, Platinum & Gold Sponsors:Thank you all very much for your kind support. Your generous contribution enables CLDAA to continue its expansion and serve even more people throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our endless mission to help people to build up their health, confidence and happy lifestyle. I’m very glad that something so simple — line dancing — has developed into a method of preventive care and maintenance both physically and mentally. Thank you all again for your substantial support. Sponsors are as follows:

  • The Davidson Family Foundation,
  • Linlee Family Foundation,
  • J.Yang & Family Foundation,
  • Mike & Kico Lin,­
  • Julia Hsiao/New York Life Insurance,
  • Julia Cheng,
  • Thomas Chen, Crystal Window.
  • Mac Lawson Family

To our VIP Table Sponsors:Thank you all very much for being a VIP table supporter. And thank you for taking the time to invite your good friends to join us for this special event. We hope you enjoy having front row seats to our evening’s program. Again, thank you. VIP tables are as follows:

  • Dr. Ray & Shirley Chen,
  • TCAAT, Carol Chiu,
  • Lily Chou,
  • FCSN,  Limin Hu.
  • Sharon Chiu,
  • Joanna Lin,
  • Nancy Yeh,
  • Tina Peng,
  • Bee Chen
  • William Joe,
  • Max Gahrahmat,
  • Alice Lui

To our Community Sponsors:Please accept my sincere gratitude to all of you for your friendly support. Your participation helps to make our event far more lively and enjoyable.

To our Board of Directors:Needless to say, you all play a critical role to our overall success. Without hard work, day and night and relentless planning, none of this would have been possible. You all deserve a BIG thanks! Joanna Lin, Linda Lee, Jenny Cheng, Peggy Sung & Chi Chi Lin.

To our Coaches:I just want to take this opportunity to say that all of you ladies are so amazing! You all have the four Ss in order to succeed within this CLDAA community–smart, skills, style and always smiling. You have my utmost appreciation and recognition. Sharon Chiu, Shiao Ping Chiang, Cai Lam, Dorian Ho & Letty Kanemitsu.

To our Assistant Coaches:Thank you all very much for your true dedication to CLDAA. Your passion and time spent volunteering to serve our members is highly appreciated. Thank you again so much.  Julie Liu, Yu-Ching (Valerie)Peng, Nina Ni & Jane Chok.

To our Staff:A key for CLDAA to be successful is your strong, fundamental support. We rely on you for your collaboration and backup support. I’m so very fortunate to have such reliable and skillful teammates including  Mike Lin, Doris Wang, Ben Huang & Wagner Chiang.

To our Advisors:Thank you for always being there for CLDAA. You all have done your best serving CLDAA in different areas, such as public relations, liaising with members as well as financial support. You all have my deepest appreciation and highest respect—Susie Wilson, Sharon Chiu, Amy Lin, DR. Ken Liu & Shirley Hou.

To our Volunteers:I would like to express my warmest and deepest appreciation to all of our volunteers tonight. We thank you for your time, effort, passion and love. It is due to your dedication that our event has a chance for success. I attribute our overall success to all of you. Thank you all very much. Lily Chou, Lily Lin, Weini Liem, Lisa Hsu, Audrey Chen, Vivian Wang,  Amy Yang , Gina Lee, I-chen Wu, Jennifer Leu, Meiteh Lee, Pauling Yen, Pei Yu Chang, Shuchen Wang, Yu Ding, Eva Yang, Ray Ming Liu, Kimiko Sato, Jian F Chen, Nancy Lu, Donna Young, Mingli Chi, Eva Lee, Curtis Chang, Joy Wu, Katherine Tin, George Tin, Tifany Tin, Roget Chan, Kam Wong, Allen Chang, Kenny Chen, Luther Mok,  David Liao, Joe Chow, Tri Luong, Diana Hung. Roy Tsai, Ping Juang, Victor Yu, Dr. Benny Hsiao, Allen Chen, Shin-Jie Huang, Catherine Chen