CLDAA Coaches

CLDAA Coaches
CLDAA Coaches

CLDAA General coach: Kico Lin  林貴香 總教練

Kico Lin- Founder/ President of CLDAA/General Coach/Development Officer

Email: TEL: 408-453-9119

CLDAA Seed Coach: Linda Lee  李節操 教練

Linda Lin-Vice President of CLDAA/ Seed Coach/Board Director

Email: TEL: 925-413-3911

CLDAA Seed Coach: Joanna Lin  葛光愛 教練
Joanna Lin-Vice President of CLDAA/ Seed Coach/Board Director

Email: TEL: 408-243-5819

CLDAA Seed Coach: Peggy Sung  宋珮琪 教練

Peggy Sung- Development Officer/Seed Coach/Board Director

Email: TEL: 408-318-5216

CLDAA Seed Coach: Jenny Cheng  鄭亞瑾 教練

Jenny Cheng-Treasure Officer/Seed Coach/Board Directory

Email: TEL: 408-252-4551

Offer New Beginners Class in Richardson, TexasCLDAA Seed Coach: Chi Chi Lin 教練

Chi Chi Lin-General Affairs Officer/ CLDAA Website Host/Board Director

Email: TEL: 214-908-6248

CLDAA Coach: Shiao Ping Chiang  江小平 教練

CLDAA Shiao Ping Chiang-Coach

Email: TEL: 408-513-4531

CLDAA Coach: Sharon Chiu  教練

Email: TEL: 408-887-8763  

CLDAA Coach: Dorian Ho    何文惠 教練

Email: TEL:650-678-6884

CLDAA Coach Letty Lung 教練

Email: TEL: 510-623-9977

CLDAA Coach/Inventory Controller: Julie Liu  劉秋豔 教練

Email: Tel: 408-425-4881

Doris Wang

 Assistant Coach: Doris Wang 助理教練
Email: TEL 408-505-6377

Coach: Yu-Ching Peng 教練 
Email: TEL:  408-316-8093 
 CLDAA Coach: 
Email: TEL: 408-452-8398

CLDAA Assistant Coach: Nina Ni  助理教練

Email: TEL: 510-381-3458

cell 408-368-9240 Sunday (lead warm up) Li’s Tai Chi Kung Fu, Cupertino 7:55am ~ 8:50am 8:55am ~ 9:50am Wednesday (check badge) Li’s Tai Chi Kung Fu, Cupertino 8:30am ~ 9:30am (Should we add this location? Kico老師come here 1st week of each month) Thursday Roosevelt Community Center (drop in fee $2.50) 901 E. Santa Clara St. San Jose 95116 2:00-4:00pm

CLDAA Assistant Coach: Martha Ho  助理教練

Email: TEL:408-368-9240