Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement

I / We, _________________________________, hereby understand and agree to accept the risk of my /our participation in any and all activities for which specific space has been reserved for specific times. This shall include, but not be limited to, assignment of time and space regularly scheduled activities, sporadic use and one time events. With this understanding, I / We further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the California Line Dance Association of America its president and boar of directors, agents and employees from and against any all claims, losses, injuries, suits or judgments arising from, or in connection with my / our successors, assign, heirs, executors and administration, and any other person or entities who / which may have a claim based on my / our personal injuries and / or property damage. I / We further understand and agree that this hold harmless and indemnification shall apply to any and all facilities of the S California Line Dance Association of America Should any dispute arise which we are unable to resolve through negotiation or the use of third party mediation, the undersigned agree to submit to resolution by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. IN AGREEING TO ARBITRATION, WE BOTH ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE OVER FEES, EACH OF US IS GIVING UP THE RIGHT TO HAVE THE DISPUTE DECIDED IN A COURT OF LAW BEFORE ANY JUDGE OR JURY AND INSTEAD ARE ACCEPTATIONS THE USE OF ARBITRATION FOR RESOLUTION. The prevailing party shall be entitled to the allowance of a reasonable attorney’s fee and other costs of such action.

California Line Dance Association of America reserves the right to cancel your membership if you interfere with the interests of this organization.

Please take good care of your personal belongings, because California Line Dance Association of America is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings of its members and their guests.

This membership is non-transferable, and it has to be renewed annually.

There will be a $ 5 charge for the reissuing of lost membership card, and there will also be a change of $15 for bounced check.

我 /我們___________________ ,明白也願意接受在指定時間及地點參與任何及所有活動時因我 /我們或第三者而引起的身體受傷或財物損失的風險,這包括,卻不限制於慣性,偶發性及一次性的活動所指定之時間及地點,若有任何我 /我們的繼承人,代理人或遺囑執行人因我個人受傷或財物損壞所引發的訴訟,我 /我們願意保障及保護美國加州排舞協會其董事長,執行董事,代理人及員工的權益.

我 / 我們明白也同意此保障書將涵蓋美國加州排舞協會所有的設備.若有任何無法協商或經由第三者解決的爭執, 簽字人願意服從一切按照美國仲裁公會之條例所作出之裁決.

在雙方皆同意取用仲裁方式下, 若有任何有關費用之爭執,雙方皆放棄採用經由法院裁決之


美國加州排舞協會之會員若做出有損夲會權益之舉動, 夲會保留取消其會員資格的權利.

請自行保管自身之財物, 夲會將不負責任何財物之損失.

會員費不可轉讓或退還, 有效期為一年.

會員卡遺失補辦需付5元手續費, 支票退票需15元罰款.

Applicant’s signature 申請人簽名: ______________________Date 日期: _____________